Affinity4 Donates Over 4,000 Books To At-Risk Youth

Affinity4, one of the nation leading affinity-based marketers specializing in helping charities, ministries and other nonprofits raise funds, recently completed a company-wide philanthropic effort on behalf of Reading Enriches All Children, Inc. (REACH) based in Norfolk, VA, a volunteer organization that supports the literacy needs of at-risk children including those living in homeless and domestic violence shelters.

Affinity4 donated nearly 4,300 books to REACH which will be used to help support REACH Read-Aloud program. The program brings literacy volunteers to hundreds of children living in homeless and domestic violence shelters, and uses a team approach to reading aloud and follow with and activity that supports the story theme.

To encourage a successful drive, Affinity4 created a team competition between members of its various departments where the department who donated the most books per person would be declared the winner. The Accounting department, donating a total of 2,031 books, won the competition and their team a free team lunch.

For more information on REACH, or to learn more about volunteering or making a donation to REACH, email or visit

Pictured here are (from left): Sarah Sterzing, REACH Executive Director, Jordan Hall, REACH Program and Volunteer Coordinator, Sam Leary, BN Media Business Development Manager, Chris Scott, BN Media National Account Manager and Katie King, BN Media Director of Special Projects.

More About Reading Enriches All Children, Inc. (REACH)
Founded in 1998 on the premise that reading aloud to children is the single most important way to influence the literacy of children, REACH provides reading programs and books for children living in homeless and domestic violence shelters in an effort to promote literacy among at-risk youth. REACH supports the literacy needs of over 600 children a year in dozens of different shelter programs in Hampton Roads and provides books to children throughout Virginia. REACH has expanded its efforts to include parenting workshops in shelters teaching how to create literacy rich homes, even if their home is a shelter.

More About Affinity4
Owned by BN Media, an entity that also includes the investors behind Cross Bridge and Beliefnet, Affinity4 is an affinity-based marketing company whose mission is to help support its nonprofits' goals by assisting in their fundraising and development programs. Specifically, Affinty4 markets various telecommunications products and services, including long distance and wireless phone services, high-speed Internet, as well as DIRECTV, and more to the supporters of its international base of nonprofits which includes charities, ministries, and more. With each supporter's purchase, Affinity4 provides a 10% GiveBack to the corresponding nonprofit organization. Affinity4's business model is to leverage and transform ordinary activities such as making phone calls into fundraising opportunities on behalf of vital causes worldwide. The Affinity4 Brand Promise is Ordinary Activities. Extraordinary Giving. To date, Affinity4 has given back more than $76 million to nonprofits worldwide. The company is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia and led by President and CEO, Stephen Halliday. For more information, visit: or call 1-800-684-4880.

More About BN Media
Affinity4 is owned and operated by BN Media, LLC, the entity that includes the investors behind Beliefnet and Cross Bridge. The mission of BN Media is to serve the vast online market for spirituality and inspiration, bringing audio-visual and written content to the masses while helping people make a difference for their favorite nonprofit organization. BN Media achieves this by bridging the gap through which ordinary activities inspire activism, online giving and volunteerism.