Affinity4 Holds Pennies War in Support of Charity

Affinity4, one of the nation's leading affinity-based marketers specializing in helping charities, ministries and other nonprofit organizations raise funds, recently completed a fundraising drive benefiting The Pregnancy Support Center of Salisbury, NC and the Full Gospel Church in Monk's Corner, SC. As a result of this philanthropic campaign, Affinity4 donated over $2,000 to help support the operating programs of each organization.

To encourage a successful drive, Affinity4 created a team competition between members of its staff. The company was divided into four teams and each team was responsible for raising as many pennies as possible for their team's water jug. All other coins and paper money counted as negative points for the opposing team's jugs. In this way, competing teams could stock their competitors' jugs with silver coins and paper money causing them to lose points, but both charities to benefit from the competition in the way of much-needed donations. Water jugs for the competition were donated by Culligan Water in Portsmouth, VA.

More About Affinity4
Affinity4 is an affinity-based marketing company whose mission is to help support its non-profits' goals by assisting in their fundraising and development programs. Specifically, Affinty4 markets various telecommunications products and services, including long distance and wireless phone services, high-speed Internet, as well as DIRECTV, and credit card to the supporters of its international base of nonprofits which includes charities and ministries. With each supporter's purchase, Affinity4 provides a 10% GiveBack to the corresponding nonprofit organization. Affinity4's business model is to leverage and transform ordinary activities such as making phone calls into fundraising opportunities on behalf of vital causes worldwide. The Affinity4 Brand Promise is Ordinary Activities. Extraordinary Giving. To date, Affinity4 has given back more than $76 million to nonprofits worldwide. The company is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia and led by President and CEO, Stephen Halliday. For more information, visit: or call 1-800-684-4880.

More About The Pregnancy Support Center
The Pregnancy Support Center is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Salisbury, NC offering its clients confidential pregnancy education, resources and counseling free of charge. Through their Hope Program, they provide their clients with material assistance for maternity and baby items. Learn more about the Pregnancy Support Center at

More About Cross Over Full Gospel Church
Cross Over Full Gospel Church is a non-denominational church located in Monk's Corner, SC. Funds raised for the church will benefit their Youth Ministry and their Ministry to the Disabled. Learn more about Cross Over Full Gospel Church at